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The Apartments

Whether you’re part of a small, medium or large group, we’ve got you covered in comfort and luxury.

Separate apartments are available in 2 or 4 bedrooms or for larger groups that want to stay together both apartments can be booked to provide 6 bedrooms, with shared access through the courtyard.

Both apartments are set up to be a home away from home with lounge, dinning and kitchen areas for relaxing, and laundry facilities for the chores. All bedrooms feature a queen or split-king size beds and private ensuite.

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The Matrons Room

2 Bedroom Apartment

The School House While there was an original room built for the School Matron, we’ve provided a more modern space with 2 bedrooms and considerably updated creature comforts. Parking is provided and access is from a ramp to the right of the car park. The laundry space doubles as a workshop, and secure bike parking is inside the foyer.

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The School House

4 Bedroom Apartment

The School House This 4 bed apartment sits on the original 1860 floor area of the school building making it historically and archaeology significant. The exposed roof trusses in the kitchen, dining and lounge area have only recently re-emerged after being hidden behind lowered ceilings for more than 100 years! In fact, the dining table is built from the recycled heart-Rimu framing. Ride-in access through the front door provides secure space for parking (and charging) bikes next to the laundry which doubles as a workshop space.

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Combined School House

6 Bedrooms (The School House + The Matrons Room)

For bigger groups, combining the two apartments provides 6 double/twin rooms in the one location and ensures complete privacy in the courtyard.

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Look for some of the historic features we’ve left in place.

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